Introducing Quest for Space

Space is a great motivator and inspiring today’s students towards Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) can now be done at the earliest ages through the Quest for Space program. The program offerings comes in three levels, providing increasing complexity and engagement. All three programs inspire students with project based learning and hands on science and engineering, where every student will upload or fly an experiment to the International Space Station and truly become a “Rocket Scientist!”

Level 1:
Space Kit

The Space Kit allows anyone to experience hands on science projects around heat, radiation, conduction, and convection on earth and in micro-gravity. Anyone can use the Space Kit’s portal to then upload and run their experiment on the International Space Station.

Level 2:
Space Program

The Space Program is a hands on curriculum based science platform that allows students to do in-depth learning in micro-gravity based science with the opportunity to upload and run their own custom experiment program on the International Space Station.

Level 3:
Space Lab

The Space Lab is a unique program that allows student teams to use our platform to create their own custom experiment that will be physically launched and run onboard the International Space Station.

Any Student

Hear how the Quest ISS Program helped underserved students at Andrew Hill HS to inspire and excel towards math, science, and engineering careers. All of the seniors in this group have now gone on to college. Prior to their involvement with Quest for Space, it was just a dream. 

First Experiment

Watch the HD video feed we received back from the very first launch of our experiment platform proving for the first time a scalable experiment program can be done on the ISS.


Hear what a public school elementary principal and teacher at Hellyer had to say about their experience with the Quest ISS program at their school.

Levels of Engagement

Years Sending Experiments to ISS

Countries Deployed

Member Schools

Teacher and
Student Comments

"As a principal, I’m excited about it because it’s going to make us stand out in our area."

Mrs. Barton, Principal at Lakewood Christian School

"So I think the Quest ISS Program has opened my mind to trying new things…and inspired other women to do more 'techie' stuff."

Angelina, 5th grade student at Hellyer Elementary

"I never thought about engineering before, but since starting the program I’ve realized I really like it and could become an engineer."

Araceli, student at Andrew Hill High School

"Now that I know a lot about engineering, I want to work at NASA."

Alysha, 4th grade student at St. Timothy’s Christian Academy

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