How to Prepare Your Students for the New Race to Space

The future has arrived, and it’s all about the new frontier of space exploration. As both government programs and private companies turn their focus onto space exploration, it’s clear that getting students interested in space and STEM at a young age can help them find success in this new frontier. Let’s take a look at why space is becoming such an important building block of our children’s futures: – Click to tweet

NASA isn’t the only organization interested in space anymore

Ambitious private companies are now entering the competition to see who can be the first to make space accessible to people who aren’t astronauts, and profit off the new accessibility to space in general. Innovative CEOs like SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos are on the list of innovators racing to create commercial spaceflight so humans can live both on Earth and in space. American company Planetary Ventures has the goal of mining asteroids for profit, while Moon Express wants to provide regular transportation to and from the moon1. – Click to tweet

And as recently as February 2018, SpaceX successfully tested the very first launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket, which makes it the most powerful rocket ever sent to space by a private company instead of a governmental agency.

With these private rocket launch tests becoming more frequent and more successful, there’s a whole new field of opportunity in STEM jobs opening up for our kids. – Click to tweet

Colonizing Mars is now becoming a real possibility

Humans have always been curious about The Red Planet. And in recent years, there has been an increasing amount of scientific research going into the exploration of Mars and how to sustain life on the planet. NASA’s Mars rover continues to give us more information about the planet, and the organization has hinted at possible manned-missions to Mars as soon as the early 2030s!2

A NASA spokesman recently said, “Mars is the next tangible frontier for human exploration, and it’s an achievable goal.” – Click to tweet

As both government organizations and private companies begin their journey into the exploration of Mars, it’s clear that our students have an incredible new opportunity in front of them – if they can discover an interest in STEM when they’re young. – Click to tweet

So what better way to get started than by running a science experiment that goes to space?

Quest for Space is an innovative and comprehensive STEM program that allows students to create, upload and run their own experiments aboard the International Space Station. Students get to take part in an exciting program that works with NASA to get a taste of what it’s like to explore space, all while learning more about STEM. – Click to tweet

Get in touch with us now to see how Quest for Space  can get your students interested in both STEM and space while making your school stand out among the rest.