Quest ISS Offerings

Options for All Age Groups

Level 1

Space Kit

  • Hands On ISS Experiments
  • Arduino based programming
  • 4-6 hours of curriculum
  • For Ages 8+

Self-paced kit with online upload to ISS

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Level 2

Space Program

  • Hands On ISS Experiments
  • Lego Mindstorms Based
  • 30 hours of curriculum. Delivered as summer, semester, or yearlong
  • For Ages 12+

Portal for upload to ISS, Mentor required

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Level 3

Space Lab

  • Custom experiment platform
  • Self-paced development
  • Physical flight to ISS
  • For Ages 14+

Science/Engineering mentor or teacher required

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Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Quest program levels are in increasing complexity and depth. Level 1 is appropriate for families and younger aged students 10+ and as supplemental workshops or labs at the elementary level. Level 2 is appropriate for the classroom with a full curriculum and appropriate for students in the junior high and high school. Level 3 is geared towards high school and above and is a custom experiment development that is physically flown to the ISS.
Level 1 is designed for 4-6 hour session. Level 2 has a 30 hour curriculum. Level 3 is self paced research but all experiments must be finished by December of the flight year.

Level 1 can be purchased directly and instructions to do the experiments are online. Level 2 requires a contract.  Spring and summer training is available, along with an online portal with curriculum and 24/7 support. Level 3 requires a contract and summer training attendance is required.

Level 1 can be purchased using a credit card and will be delivered to you. Level 2 and 3 requires a purchase order from Quest.