Quest Learning Portal 


The Quest Learning Portal is focused on providing online applied after school programs that inspire students to excellence. Program delivery is flexible. The programs can be taught by your teachers or Quest can provide the online instructor.  Students can attend as a group or from home.  Online scheduled courses will be available starting in January 2021

Program Tracks:

Quest for Ocean Discovery

Explore the exciting world of marine engineering. Learn the basics of robotics, electrical, and mechanical engineering of an remotely operated underwater  vehicle (ROV) while competing in several underwater challenges gathering samples and information from an environment without physical presence. In addition, you will also learn about challenges facing our oceans and how engineers and scientists are using their skills and creativity to solve these issues through scientific methods.


Learn concepts of ocean anthropogenic factors that impact the ecosystem

Use technology to study the ocean and engage in hands-on learning using a remote medium

Race and participate in ROV challenges

Prepare, analyze, and present data in a team setting


Introductory open-source Robotics is a state-of-the-art robotics course where  students will understand the design and software for operating remote robots. Students develop skills in software, electrical and mechanical engineering, and computer-aided design while also learning the in's and out's of industry leading technologies, such as ARM Corrtex-M0 MCU, DC Motor H-Bridge Circuitry, PWM Servo Drivers GPIO Analog/Digital Sensor Pins, and Wireless 2.4GHz Networking. Coding with Microsoft's MakeCode IDE, the students will configure and adjust robots for great performance.


Code using Microft's MakeCode IDE using both visual 'Drag-n-Drop' blocks and web-based JavaScript

Compete in robotic competitions, configure and adjust their robots for great performance

Quest for Space

The International Space Station (ISS) Program instructs and inspires students to create experiments that will run aboard the ISS. Students receive hands-on training in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering, completing UC college-credit approved coursework and making their mark among the stars.


Upload experiments to ISS

Learn electrical, mechanical, and software engineering

Data Science

The CS11 programmable core from XinaBox with an onboard slot for a micro SD card is the perfect foundation on which you can design a broad range of data gathering devices. In this class you will learn how to build IoT devices and collect and process this data using data science techniques on Azure Cloud. *requires kit purchase, REGISTER BY JULY 6 TO ENSURE YOUR HANDS-ON KIT ARRIVES BEFORE THE PROGRAM START DATE

Experiments include:


The relationship between temperature and atmospheric pressure

The effect of altitude on temperature

The relationship between temperature and humidity

What happens to temperature and pressure when the sun rises