Soft-Skill Development through STEM Videos

Well-Rounded Skill Set

A very important aspect to STEM learning is development of communication and presentation skills. These skills are known as a soft-skills.  Many companies are saying the new generation of workers show some lack of strength in these skills. “Overall, hiring managers found soft skills such as communication, leadership, ownership, and teamwork were missing in this new crop of workers,” writes Lydia Dishman for Fast Company.1

Middle School STEM Activity

A few middle school Quest for Space participants were asked to create video stories relating to interesting or new information they discovered through their International Space Station experiment development process. This activity sought to reinforce presentation skills while also engaging activities the students enjoy.




Unique Perspective

Though the instructions to student groups were the same, an interesting outcome was how unique the presentations were with respect to one another in both the topics they chose and how they chose to communicate their findings.

We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did!

1Dishman, Lydia. “These Are The Biggest Skills That New Graduates Lack.” Blog post. Fast Company. Fast Company, 24 May 2016. Web. 25 July 2017. <>.