Summer STEAM Intensive

Collaborate and Innovate with students from around the world at Biosphere 2 in Arizona. This unique facility is dedicated to the research and understanding of global scientific issues. Students have the opportunity to register now for our 10-day summer STEAM intensive program taking place from July 16 to July 26, 2020.

This program is for incoming 8th grade through incoming 12th grade students.

Available Program Tracks:


ISS Space Program

ISS Space Program engages students under multiple program models to create experiments that will run aboard the International Space Station. Students will participate in programming, electrical engineering, and hands-on hardware construction while engaging in space science.


Upload experiments to ISS

Learn electrical, mechanical, and software engineering

Qualify for UC College Credit

Quest for Oceans

Quest for Oceans allows students to explore and run science experiments on the Quest underwater research platform. Through mechanical and electrical engineering students will work in teams to build an ROV.


Learn Ocean Engineering

Design and Race ROVs

Hear from renowned Ocean Scientist and Engineers



RoboQuest will help students develop skills in software, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer-aided design while building remote vehicles and participating in drone operation.


Create your own Robot

Compete in RoboOlympics

Fly and integrate Drones

XPRIZE Collaborative

This unique collaboration opportunity provides the ability for remote teams to compete in the next XPRIZE competition to discover, understand, and preserve the rainforest. Working with an international team select students will design and create an XPRIZE solution. During the 10-day summer intensive students will participate in challenges that may qualify them to join the XPRIZE team.


XPRIZE teams collaborate in person

Interact with researchers and mentors

Design and test the next stage of XPRIZE solutions


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Biosphere Summer Experience

Participation Includes:

  • 3-day team building and program specific planning at Biosphere 2
  • 7 day project intensive at Biosphere 2
  • Workshops designed for each program track
  • Collaboration with students from around the world
  • Various design thinking and engineering tasks with prototype testing
  • All program materials are provided (students bring their own laptop)
  • Program crossover challenge on final day

Price Covers:

  • 3 meals per day
  • All lodging included at Biosphere 2
  • XPRIZE and Robotics competitions onsite
  • Workshops and lectures lead by STEM mentors, researchers, astronauts, etc.
  • Potential UC college credit and ISS certifications
  • All program materials are provided
  • Bus travel to and from airport to venues

What to Expect at the Biosphere

The Biosphere is a unique place of research and an engineering marvel. During your time here, you'll not only have access to some of the most unique research facilities with a self contained indoor rainforest, indoor ocean, indoor desert and simulated mountain range but students will be able to learn directly from scientists and engineers doing the latest research and innovation.


Tours of the internal workings of the Biosphere is part of the experience!

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