Let’s get Started!

To begin, let us know which time zone you are in so we can show you the classes available in your area!

Now, let’s select your programs

Students pick two courses from two different time slots. Multiple courses cannot be selected in the same timeframe. Courses you select are each day at the same time from July 20th – July 24th with a keynote on July 19th. After July 25th students will have On-Demand access to all the other courses for 6 months. On Demand courses will have live mentors available during posted office hours in the chat rooms.

The XRIZE course is invite-only. Please only register for that course if you have received an invite from Quest or Valley Christian.

PST – *Courses from 5PM – 8PM are On-Demand with live mentor.

HKT – *Courses from 8AM – 11AM are On-Demand with live mentor.

The Data Science, ISS Aeronautical Telemetry and ISS Space Apprentice courses all require an additional equipment kit at the cost of $150. The Data Science and ISS Telemetry Aeronautics courses use the same kit so only a single kit is required if both of these courses are selected.