Why It’s So Important to Invest in Innovative STEM

We live in a new, exciting era where STEM is creating changes in our society and innovating modern developments. The incredible demand for STEM careers is continuing to grow and outpace nearly all other career tracks, which is emphasizing the need for K-12 schools to increase their STEM education efforts. We found a few good reasons your school should join the many that are beginning to address the demand for better STEM programs: – Click to tweet

1. It’s Where the Jobs Are

The workforce is transforming dramatically to address the need for employees in STEM fields.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report on the 10 fastest-growing occupations through 2026. In the report, “100 percent of the jobs fall into STEM categories, from the No. 1 growth career – solar photovoltaic installers – to a handful of medical field jobs to statisticians, software developers and mathematicians.”

Projections have also estimated the need for 8.65 million workers in STEM-related jobs. Without sparking your students’ interest in STEM, there will be a huge shortage in these fields in the future. And as new technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace, educators need to prepare to meet these needs by investing and dedicating their resources to STEM education for the next generation. – Click to tweet

2. America Has Some Catching Up To Do in STEM

In general, everyone seems to agree that STEM is the foundation for the future – but the U.S. is still running behind when compared to other countries with STEM education. Even Americans have low opinions of how we’re addressing STEM: a study recently showed that most Americans think K-12 STEM education is mediocre at best.

A recent study shows facts which show those with low opinions of U.S. STEM efforts are right: America was recently ranked as only 38th out of 71 countries in math, and just 24th in science, and 46% of scientists rated K-12 STEM in the U.S. as below average. – Click to tweet

Investing in better STEM programs and schools will not only help your students build a better future, but it will also help the U.S. stay competitive with countries around the globe in these areas. If other countries have recognized the importance of STEM education, then why shouldn’t we?

3. Space Exploration is the New Frontier of STEM

The new Space Race has arrived, and private companies are entering the competition along with governments to see who can be the first to make space and other planets accessible to people who aren’t astronauts. Innovative CEOs like SpaceX’s Elon Musk and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos are racing to create commercial spaceflight while also improving flights here on Earth.

Additionally, there has been an increasing amount of scientific research going into the exploration of Mars and how to sustain life on the planet. NASA’s Mars rover continues to give us more information about the planet, and the organization has hinted at possible manned-missions to Mars as soon as the early 2030s.

As both government programs and private companies start shining a light on space exploration, it’s clear that getting students interested in space and STEM at a young age can help them find success in this new frontier. – Click to tweet

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